Why is it hard to find the right property even when there are so many options all around? The reason is simple – most of the options fall short of your expectations. In real estate, as in life, quality is just as important as quantity. And a real estate agent needs experience, expertise and knowledge to present a quality selection of properties to clients.

At HAUS Real Estate , we are driven by the commitment to help you buy your dream home with minimum efforts and headache. Our years of experience, network and insights into the real estate industry have taught us how to make selecting and buying a property a truly satisfying experience. Our team of experienced real estate professionals is there to assist you through the entire process, helping at every step.

Owned and managed by Fred Khurana and Jasmine Sandhu, HAUS Real Estate is fast becoming one of the most reliable names in Sydney housing market. Our ethical approach, transparency and competitive fees have won us the trust of our clients which remains our biggest reward and asset. We value our customers and our staff go the extra mile to assist them in the best possible manner.

Have a look at the properties listed on our website. We’d be happy to assist you with any information you need to finalise your decision. Can’t see the property you have in mind? Just send us an email and we’d love to search the market and help you find just the property you want.

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